We Have Completed Your Transaction‏/..

Weston union have millions of Dollars for you,  from somewhere undisclosed, all you have to do is give them all your personal details….

Please detele the email and do not be tempeted to relpy ot it at all!


Delete this email and do not send them any of your personal details!

In general when you suspect the email could come from a scammer:

  1. Do not reply, delete the e-mail immediately!
  2. Never ever give any personal data, information out via e-mail to anybody!
  3. Do not click on any embedded links in the mail!
  4. Do not attempt to open any attached documents!
  5. If you accidentally opened an attachment make sure you run a virus check and a spyware check on your computer immediately!

Here is the link to the best freeware we know.



Ad-Aware is a Free Antivirus+ combines the legendary Anti-spyware with a super fast, free Antivirus. It now features download protection (blocks malicious files before being written to disk), sandboxing (keeps unknown apps running in a virtual environment) and advanced detection – it’s our most powerful free antivirus yet.



Von: Monjur Alahil <uniorg@careceo.com>
An: ”Monjur Alahi” <frankkung@nbalive.cn>
Datum: 21. Mai 2014 um 15:46
Betreff: *** Spam *** We Have Completed Your Transaction‏/..

Western Union Money Transfer Department

333 Silom Road, Bangrak,Bangkok

10500 Thailand

Good day to you and we hope this message meet you in good health, peace
and happiness. There is an important letter for you which requires your urgent
attention. You are advice to read the attached letter and contact Kung Frank
in India as soon as possible.

Your Faithfully
Mr. Monjur Alahi

หน่วยงานที่ถ่ายโอนของ Western Union
333 ถนนสีลมแขวงสีลมเขตบางรัก
กรุงเทพฯ 10500

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