World Company Register Scam

I might be stepping on toes by posting this! :)

A suspicious email came from the World Company Register, which is btw. an existing organization.

After checking the IP and domain details what one can see is that the site where the email is coming from is more or less an identical copy of the real website  but it is registered by someone in Romania, and most probably set up for phishing purposes.

See the screenshots below!

What a bullshit scam is this really !!!!

Pls. delete the mail and do not be tempted to reply to it at all!

Delete this email and do not send them any of your personal details!

In general when you suspect the email could come from a scammer:

  1. Do not reply, delete the e-mail immediately!

  2. Never ever give any personal data, information out via e-mail to anybody!

  3. Do not click on any embedded links in the mail!

  4. Do not attempt to open any attached documents!

  5. If you accidentally opened an attachment make sure you run a virus check and a spyware check on your computer immediately!

Here is the link to the best freeware we know.

Ad-Aware is a Free Antivirus+ combines the legendary Anti-spyware with a super fast, free Antivirus. It now features download protection (blocks malicious files before being written to disk), sandboxing (keeps unknown apps running in a virtual environment) and advanced detection – it’s our most powerful free antivirus yet.


From: WCR <>
Date: 16. August 2013 13:54:47 MESZ
Subject: *** Spam *** World Company Register
Reply-To: WCR <>
Dear Madam/Sir,In order to have your company inserted in the World Company Register for 2013/2014, please print, complete
and submit the attached form (PDF file) to the following addressWORLD COMPANY REGISTER
P.O. BOX 3079
THE NETHERLANDSFax: +31 205 248 107Updating is free of charge.


THE WHOIS summary of the fake phishing website:

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