International airport Texas United States.

A stop scam mail fan dropped by and share this scam with us. We appreciate all the help we can get!

Please detele the email and do not be tempeted to relpy ot it at all!


Delete this email and do not send them any of your personal details!

In general when you suspect the email could come from a scammer:

  1. Do not reply, delete the e-mail immediately!
  2. Never ever give any personal data, information out via e-mail to anybody!
  3. Do not click on any embedded links in the mail!
  4. Do not attempt to open any attached documents!
  5. If you accidentally opened an attachment make sure you run a virus check and a spyware check on your computer immediately!

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Commissioner McAllen-Miller
To Me
Jun 24 at 2:24 AM

I am commissioner McAllen-Miller the director of international airport Texas United States.

Due to the illegal operations of fraudsters in this country America our council with the united Nation forum has established to help you and other scam victims recover your funds and consignments boxes here in America.

So far now, we have recovered 100 consignment boxes abandoned in our airport ware house and an other 50 consignment boxes apprehended from illegal fake diplomats.

Due to the petitions received by the formal UN boss secretary general-general Kofi Annan from all over the continent in regards to the fraudulent activities going on in America sub-region with the Security’s agent and diplomats who has been delaying people’s funds and gold hold, consignments and valuables in their custody are demand to be releases to their owners.

I am commissioner McAllen-Miller the director of international airport Texas, McAllen-Miller commissioner of international airport Texas United States for peace keeping, appointed by the new government of (NDC) president professor Vickie Sutton, I have included your email address into the beneficiary files of scam victims for release of 2 consignment boxes valuable of $95million us dollars and 85kilograms of gold deliver to you from the cargo department of the united nation diplomatic courier service here in Texas United State.

You are therefore advice to submit all your information for onward delivery of your 2 register Consignment boxes deliver to you.

Passport id.
Full name.
Home or office address.
Direct telephone number/mobile number.
Fax number.
Country of origin.

Please kindly note the below important registration details of your (2) consignment boxes

1. The registration no……………………….gil/am/xxx21/0x
2. The batch number of the boxes……………….gil/am/xxx54/0x
3. Security code number……………………..sfss/am942054/02
4. Serial no……………………………0043687/eb.

However you are to complete arrangement by filling the attach -UN Diplomatic delivery/payment verification form, Complete the form immediately and return it to me via email including with the sum of $185.00 us dollars payment to international airport funds control manager (Paula Whyte) western Union or money gram at: 4118 Barnes Ave Bronx NY 10466 USA to endorsed the final signatory of the international airport authority for the delivery of your 2 consignment boxes to you in your location with immunity from the united nation diplomatic cargo flight and after the successful delivery of the 2boxes to you then you will have to Compensate me 10% of the funds and most important i have kept secret of the content of the 2 boxes to myself to prevent suspicious of content to the America government and the united nation forum.

Copy the below receiver’s name and location to send the $185.00 through western union or money gram to Paula Whyte our senior agent cashier in New York.

Receiver’s name: Paula Whyte
Location address: 4118 Barnes Ave Bronx NY 10466 USA
Test question: My friend
Test answer: Paula
Amount: $185.00

You are advise to act fast in receipt of this email to you and any further delay will be the pleasure of the Unhrc to use your fund to help the displaced people in Darfur and you are also advice to stop any illegal transaction because we have place our net working on you in any transaction you may likely participant on.

For further negotiation to enhance the completion of this transaction, the united Nation diplomatic base (U.N.D.B) is flying down to this airport today for delivery of your 2 consignment boxes to you after you complete the payment of $185.00 us dollars for the endorsement fees for the signatory of the Texas international airport Authority. Attached to this email is my working identity card, print and keep it for your reference. Furthermore, i am expect the payment includes the attach -UN Diplomatic delivery/payment verification form.

Complete the form immediately and return it to me via email including the payment because the diplomatic have only three working days to complete your delivery or else you will lose the great opportunity.

Best regards.

Commissioner McAllen-Miller
The director of international airport TX.
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