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Investment Letter Scam from

ForwardShare From: “(Mrs) SURAT SHINAWATRA” Date: 14. März 2013 05:10:35 MEZ To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: *** Spam *** INVESTMENT LETTER !!!!!!!! Reply-To: Dear Friend, I have a re-profiling amount in an excess of US$4.8Million Dollars,which I seek your partnership in accommodating for me.You will be rewarded with 40% of the total sum for your partnership. Can

Blackberry promotion scam from

ForwardShare From: “Ms. Melyn Edwards” Date: 13. März 2013 05:04:44 MEZ To: Subject: *** Spam *** RE: Notification Reply-To: UNITED KINGDOM BLACK BERRY PROMOTION BOARD LONDON ENGLAND P.O. Box 3067 Tunstal road e17gb ===================================================== Winning Notification from blackberry promotion board ===================================================== Congratulations!!! We wish to inform you that your email address is one

Scam, request for partnership from

ForwardShare From: ” Mr Hamidul Haque” Date: 10. März 2013 17:36:42 MEZ To: Subject: *** Spam *** Re; Request for Partnership. Reply-To: Re; Request for Partnership. I am aware of the unsafe nature of the internet; but due to the prevailing circumstances I don’t have any other option than to seek for partnership through

Scam Apple yearly bonanza from prussi@LEGENDSECURITIES.COM

ForwardShare From: Pat Russi Date: 9. März 2013 08:54:00 MEZ To: Subject: APPLE YEARLY BONANZA FOR INQUIRES CONTACT: You have won Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling and a I phone 5 from our Apple Yearly Bonanza 2013. co ordinator:Eddy Cue For Inquires: Apple Inc Confidentiality Notice: This email, including attachments, may include non-public, proprietary, confidential

Scam Victim payment scam from

ForwardShare From: ”Junice wanger”<> Date: 22. Februar 2013 16:06:32 MEZ To: Subject: *** Spam *** URGENT REPLY Reply-To: <> From the Desk Of: Mr Junice Wanger Executive Director SUBJECT: Scam Victim Payment. AMOUNT: $5,000,000 (five Million, United State  Dollars)      COMPENSATION PROGRAM BY THE UNITED NATION AND WORLD BANK(IMF) VICTIM AWARD. This program was launched by the United Nation and

Fake Dell job offer from

ForwardShare   From: ”UK DELL, LONDON”<> Date: 4. März 2013 02:04:57 MEZ To: Subject: *** Spam *** A JOB OFFER Reply-To: <> Employment Offer  Dear Sir/Madam,Would you like to work online from home and get paid weekly?Yes! You can work online from home and get paid weekly. Dell, London. is committed to global citizenship by operating in a responsible and

Sylvester Stallone is NOT Dead

ForwardShare Sylvester Stallone is NOT Dead.

New nigerian scam from

ForwardShare From: “Joseph J. Bingham” Date: 28. Februar 2013 23:23:11 MEZ To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: *** Spam *** Greetings From Joseph J. Bingham. Reply-To: Greetings, My name is Joseph J. Bingham, I am the regional manager of a reputable bank here in Asia Pacific, I am writing you this proposal in good faith; I am a
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